About our Area

We have more than a dozen waterfalls


You would be hard pressed to find as many waterfalls in one place as you will find here.  I know of a couple that don't get many visitors, stop by and ask.

There's those fancy colored rocks


You've probably heard of them, yea they're here.  Close by too, best way to see them is by Kayak.  Next best is to rent a pontoon, followed by the cruise.  

Lake Superior


In case you didn't know, Lake Superior is the largest lake by surface area in da World! It's literally the size of South Carolina! It's bigger than the other 4 great lakes combined and it's deepest point is the 2nd lowest point in the United States.  PADDLE THAT!

Trails Everywhere


Whether you are into ATV's, Snowmobiles, Hiking, or Biking, we have 100's if not thousand's of miles of trails, and they all run right through AuTrain.



You can fish from the shore at the cottages, take your luck upriver in AuTrain Lake or Kayak fish just about anywhere.  There's even fishing charters for Lake Superior.

Can't forget da River!


Did I mention it's the best?! It's warm enough to swim in June, it's sandy, clean and empties right into Lake Superior.  What more do you need?

About the Cottages

Perry's Riverside Resort


Sometime in the 40's the old Riverside resort was established. Originally there were 5 cottages. No plumbing or electrical. It's location on the river catered to fisherman and summer resort guests.

During the 60's and 70's

3 more cottages were added and the

4 more cottages were added concluding with a 9 cottage resort with a bait shop and private residence/office for the owners

The Spruce


The oldest surviving cottage is the Spruce.  It was built in the early 40's late 30's. Started out as a one room cabin made of spruce trees cut from the property. 

Late 90's

the resort was sold to a real estate developer who brought each cottage up to modern day standards (electrical, plumbing) and sold them all individually.  


I acquired my first cottage (Cedar Cottage) I lived there and slowly started repairing and remodeling it and began renting as a vacation rental. (hence autrainrivercottage and not plural). In 2011, I acquired the Mountain Ash Cottage adding that to the rental and began the very long process of remodeling that cottage, as it is one of the oldest and had been neglected.    


In 2012 I added the Hemlock by managing it for the owner and in 2014 I added the Robins Nest and Lodge as managed rentals.  


 2015 was a busy year for me as I purchased both the Hemlock and the Loft cottages bringing the total to 6. In 2016, I was finally able to get the Spruce, the oldest cottage here and it was relatively untouched for decades. We spent a lot of time doing our best to update the cottage while still maintaining it's rustic/original form. 


After years of renting canoes and kayaks to my guests staying here in 2017 I decided to open DA YAK SHAK here in AuTrain.  Specializing in paddling our area, we offer more than anyone else. We are slowly growing and offering more and more every year. 

2018 and beyond

We bought the empty lot across the street from the Shak so we could have more space to grow.  So in Spring we moved the Shak and started over again! I would like to say that I am going to slow down and be happy with what I got, but that's probably not true! 

We added the Riverside Cottage to the rentals on the river by way of managing it for the owner, so we now have 8 total cottages available to guests on the river.  Enjoy the pictures below, there's many, many, many hours of time put into those projects.  Thanks for spending the time to get know more about us!!

About Me


So you want to know more about me?......

 Either you are really bored, or you are still not completely sold on renting one of these cottages 


It all starts with a great family

You wouldn't be reading this without the help from my family. 


Well I like to camp, whether it's backpacking, canoe camping, car camping, ATV camping, I do all of them.  


I will ride anything with a motor! I grew up on an ATV, and I really like to ride.  This area is one of the best places.


As you can see by now, I do a lot, and I have seen a lot, thus I am a self-proclaimed "expert" about the area and will offer my advice to you to keep you busy! I can tell you about the less "touristy" areas to visit as well.  My past guests say this is one of the best things about staying here!