Lots of good stuff here, so read it all!

What are your office hours?

 Well we don't have an official office, but I do answer da phone! You'll find I answer the phone/texts and e-mails from 9 AM to about 10 PM 365 days a year. I take every February 29th off. However, I do like to play in da woods, so I might miss your call due to Bigfoot blocking the cell coverage from time to time, so please leave me a message and I will call you back! 

What's included with the cottage rental?

All of the cottages include the following:

  • a canoe/kayak rental free of charge
  • discount for extra canoes/kayaks
  • a gas grill with propane supplied.
  • Chairs for outdoor seating
  • read further for what's inside the cottages

When is check in/out time?

 Check in is 3 PM to ? If you will be later than 10 PM, no problems! Just let me know so I can leave the light on. Cottage will be open and ready for your arrival. Check out is 10 am

Are we pet friendly?

 We are Fur-Kid friendly. Please let us know about your pet when you make your reservation.  Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is not dog-friendly, so you will not be able to take them with you while you visit the park. If you have a dog that does not like to be left alone in a strange place, please consider leaving them with a friend or family member back home. If you are bringing your fur-kid, please keep them on a leash, clean up after them, and do not leave your pet alone without a crate. We have areas you can let them run, even the beach down the road is dog-friendly, just ask. 

What is your Cancellation Policy?

60 Days for a full refund of deposit.

within 60 days, I will do my best to re-book your dates. If successful, I will refund you the full deposit. If I am not successful I will try and work with you as best as I can. 

Do we have WiFi?

Yes we do unfortunately,  Each Cottage has WiFi, speeds are anywhere from 10-40 mbps.  

Big Foot causes all kinds of problems around here, so if the wifi goes down, give it a bit and try again, he doesn't like the internet, thinks people should be outside exploring or sitting by the campfire laughing and talking to other humans and not on the internet. (his words not mine)

How close are you to Lake Superior?


 Big Gitche-Gumee is less than 2 miles away, and in most yooper's opinion, the best beach on da big lake is right here in AuTrain! You can even paddle right from your cottage to Superior

How far is the Picture Rocks National Lakeshore?


 You are only 12 miles from the boat tour that takes you out to see our fancy colored rocks.  It is only another couple miles to the start of the park if you plan to hike.  For you city slickers, don't worry, our 12 miles takes 12 minutes :)

Is there a campfire ring?


 Yes, there are 2 really nice campfire areas with a picnic table and a great view of the river.  Firewood can be purchased here in town, or all along the road to Munising. If you are afraid to talk to people or the very sight of them disturbs you, then you might want to have your campfire in the morning. Everyone staying at the Cottages is there for the same reasons you'll be, so don't be scared to join or start a campfire!! You might just ignore your phone for a hot minute!

​What do we need to bring?


Delicious Beverages, clothing to keep it legal, personal items if you must, and definitely some grub. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your fun pants (or shorts), Da UP is full of adventure!!!

How well are the cabins equipped?

 Better than most. We supply all bed sheets, pillows and blankets. Towels, washcloths and hand towels, a generous stocking of pots, pans, dishes, silverware and housekeeping items. Coffee pot, toaster, crockpot, spices to cook with, paper towels, napkins and TP. 

If you are a Diva, or ManDiva and need something that's not supplied, just feel free to ask and we will help as much as we can! (or we will call you a diva and say sorry) We try to be Diva friendly!

What if we need something not in the cabin?


 Just ask, chances are we have it. We got lots of stuff, Extra pots, pans, baking stuff, dishes, grown men to help eat your food, drink your tasty beverages..... whatever you need, feel free to ask!  

Do you have bugs? (actual question I was asked!)


 Yes, we do... we have bugs the size of your face! keep your children on a leash, because they can actually carry them away (it's happened, I've heard about it) Ever seen the Wizard of Oz? the monkeys that fly in and take everyone away.... That's what it's like here only they're bugs, not monkeys.... Sooo if you're afraid of bugs, come in da winter! (but I am guessing that if you're afraid of bugs, you also hate the cold, so don't come here ever!) (the aforementioned paragraph is false with one exception:  we do in fact have bugs.) 

Do you have a grocery store nearby?


All we need here is Pasties and Beer, and the best ones are just up the road from the cottages. It's so close you can walk, some have said it's a great way to "burn off da last pasty to make room for anudder".... However, if you have fancier needs then da average yooper, (which I am sure you do) the nearest full service grocery store is 12 miles away

Do you have a "safe space"

Yes, da woods are all around us, and we think you are in the perfect spot to be free from bias, conflict, criticism, or potentially threatening actions, ideas, or conversations. Just take a 5 minute walk and you will be somewhere where no-one can hear or see you. It's GREAT!!

For what it's worth, you might share your safe space with Big Foot, cougars (the animal kind), wolves, coyotes, and black bears. However they are welcome to exercise their safe space privileges just as much as anyone else, so make sure to be welcoming.

Is there a quiet time?

 We want everyone to have a great time, so please be reasonable, and be a good neighbor. 

When are the cottages open?

Some cottages are open year-round eh. Currently Mountain Ash, Riverside, Robins Nest, the 4 bedroom, Hemlock and the Cedar cottages are available year round. We do have other places here in AuTrain that are open in the winter and are great for snowmobile groups.  

Do you have cell reception at the cottages?

 Yes, Verizon service is available (Sprint roaming) AT&T/T-Mobile Customers have to drive a couple miles to get service... sorry :(  

How do I find my Cottage?


Use Google Maps

It's best to use google maps and search for AuTrain River Cottages.

I can guarantee that if you use that, you will get here. 

Find Us

This is important

Please remember which cottage you are renting, there is no office, or Siri to help you find your cottage. Remember what your cottage looks like and you will find it.  The map here shows an overhead and where each cottage is. 

Your Cottage will be open and keys inside

About da River


The AuTrain River is Amazing!

There is 12 miles of river between the Cottages and Lake Superior, yet less than 2 miles by road. You can paddle there, it takes about 4 hours.  Shorter trips are possible if you can't handle it.

Can we swim in the river?

Absolutely! no stay would be complete without jumping in! You can swim right along the shoreline. The water is crystal clear, warm early in the summer and has a sand/gravel bottom. We recommend you wear water shoes for safety. The water depth is typically about 3-5 feet. Local authorities say you must wear something over your goods though, so keep it PG

Can we fish from the shoreline?

 Please do, especially during the evenings. The kids will love it, they catch more fish in front of the cottages than the adults do in da boats. 

Do you have boats and motors available for rent?

We do! 

5 hp motors and Gas is included with each boat rental, no need to refill. 

12' Boats w/motor: (3 person capacity)

Daily rental: $40 

3-Day rental: $100 

Weekly rental: $130 

14' Boats w/motor (4 person capacity) 

Daily rental: $50 

3-Day rental: $120 

Weekly rental: $160 

Can I bring my own boat?

 A place to moor your boat is included. Because of the river’s width and depth, nothing bigger than 15’ is recommended. You can launch your boat at the public launch on AuTrain Lake and drive the boat to the cottages.  

Do the cottages come with a canoe or kayaks?

Yes, every rental includes the use of a canoe or kayak free of charge. Visit DA YAK SHAK after your arrival and set up a trip or delivery.  As a guest you will get a discount on additional canoes or kayaks if needed.  We have lots! so no need to reserve, just come when you are ready.


Did I mention beer?